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Birds are an irreplaceable component of our environment. It is our duty to responsibly protect this group of animals, especially in cases when we talk about the negative impacts caused by human activities. Project LIFE Energy is primarily focused on addressing the issue of birds and power lines, attention is also focused on the care of injured birds and improving feed processing and nesting opportunities. The aim of the project is to create long-term safe zones in areas that are most important for birds in terms of migration, rest and/or as catching or feeding environments.

The energy around us

Energy is everywhere around us, we only need to focus and see it in the right way.

Birds and electricity

We focus on the bird vs. power lines issue in a long term, for more than 20 years.

Project LIFE Energy

LIFE Energy is the 7th project implemented by Raptor Protection of Slovakia under the LIFE Nature programme.

Objectives of the project

The aim of the project is to create suitable conditions for birds for their safe nesting, flight and hunting.

Project areas

LIFE Energy project is implemented in 13 Special Protected Areas in Western and Eastern Slovakia.


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LIFE 13 NAT/SK001272 Energy in the land - power lines and conservation of priority bird species in Natura 2000 sites



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